25 July 2007


Spot the Odd One Out
Funky Purple Flower. Kew Gardens.

I seem to find myself lost for words at the moment. I suspect that my sense of humour has gone on stress leave. I will be taking a blog hiatus until the end of August. You may find me rugged up in a zebra print scarf, force feeding my sense of humour chicken soup in attempt to nurse it back to health. You may also find me on Flickr obsessing over photos from my new camera.
See you in the beginning of September.

23 July 2007

Imperfect Sunflower, Kew Gardens
Imperfect Sunflower, Kew Gardens.

There is something about the way it hasn’t opened up perfectly. It’s a dud. But the other half of the flower is beautiful and it’s trying as hard as it can.

Duck, Kew Gardens
Duck, Kew Gardens.

This duck was pretending to sleep, but I caught him peeking.

Monkey on a Boat with Andy

My flatmate's brother and his partner came to visit London and stayed with us. They have the cutest little 18-month old boy called Andy, as well as a tiny newborn. Andy has glossy black hair and big brown eyes and is developing his talking skills.

I was doing the dishes. Turning around to the lounge, to my surprise I saw Lauchlin and 18-month-old Andy having a conversation about the animals on Andy's pyjamas and doing a collaborative artwork.

This is a monkey and Andy on a boat at the beach. Those people on the beach are our flatmates sunbaking. And the lion? He crept on from Andy's pyjamas. The wild dots and dashes are Andy's contribution.

There are the obvious qualities that are attractive in a man. And then there are those that are slightly less obvious. Little-known but incredibly attractive things include: wearing brightly coloured gloves for washing up. Particularly when doing something romantic and appealing like cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes. Also, things like being kind to children.

I took a photo of the drawing of monkey at the beach. Lauch immediately looked at me and said "You are NOT blogging this!" Of course not. So of course I won't tell you how cute the two of them looked together. I won't say a word.

16 July 2007

Things I Must Do In Brussels:

1. Eat chocolate
2. Eat waffles, drink beer, eat more chocolate...

Surely there's more to Brussels than food?

Things I must do in Brussels:

1. Arrive in the dead of night, slightly bewildered. Be greeted at the station by the fabulous Sylvia and immediately go out for a beer.

2. The next morning, have bread with chocolate spread and white chocolate spread and hazelnut chocolate spread and raspberry and strawberry jam with tea for breakfast.

3. While walking around the arty area, wander into a gorgeous furniture shop. The friendly owner of the shop (that's him, in the photo above) will tell you he has just met the granddaughter of Einstein.

4. Notice amazing comic-style murals and strangely green statues.

5. Admire the oddly beautiful aeroplanes in the war museum. Take photos of the elegant yet deadly tube things on the tanks.

6. Wonder which building belonged to which guild in the Grand Place. Wonder if the baker's guild owned the building with the pointing statue on top. "You WILL buy our BREAD!"

7. Pose for requisite photos near very old buildings and with chips and mayo. Decide that, despite appealing salty taste and smooth texture, mayo really should not be eaten together with chips.

8. Run hand over lucky relief on the wall. Photograph clown looking furtive.

9. Eat tea and drink Leffe blonde beer on the roof of Sylvia's apartment. Watch the afternoon shadows grow longer. Laugh at Sylvia telling jokes to Lauchlin and at Lauchlin's reaction.

10. Decide that Brussels is very nice place. Make plans for what to do next visit...

12 July 2007


Alliance Life Office, Piccadilly Circus

9 July 2007

Skinny Jeans & the Unexpected

Covent Garden. Notice anything?

I spent Saturday and Sunday wandering around in the sun, shopping and exploring Covent Garden and Brick Lane including Spitalfield Market.

Graffiti in Brick Lane and Covent Garden

I said I'd been shopping, right? This weekend something monumental happened. I found some skinny jeans I fit into. If you are a girl you will understand the challenge of jeans. I also bought a zebra print scarf. Zebra print has been my obsession for the last month.

Funky blues & jazz band, Brick Lane Market

I took this photo in this awesome arty/trendy area. It's right near where the fashion and textile design graduates were having their final exhibition. It's near vintage shops and up-and-coming designer shops and the gritty Brick Lane Market. Just up the road is British curry heaven. There are so many hawkers trying to get you to eat curry that you can negotiate to get your first round of drinks free. We did.

7 July 2007

Rome in Pictures

Made using Mosaic Maker

5 July 2007

Arrivederci, Roma

Pantheon at night

Rome was amazing! It's surreal to be back in London and have to go to work tomorrow.

P.S. Click here to see a few of my photos.