9 September 2009

Addicted to New

On the one hand it's hard, all this beginning again. Making another home. Building a reputation within my chosen career again. I'm back in Australia, house hunting and job hunting and wearing my only two pairs of trousers because it's cold and everything else is still in shipping. I wouldn't have to wear the same jumper all the time if I had settled down somewhere, if everything in my life was in its place and just how I like it.

Bodrum, Turkey
The street we stayed in, Bodrum, Turkey

On the other hand, all this change, it's great. It feels like I'm still travelling - not looking at things with bored eyes but with the eyes of a foreigner. Noticing Art Deco details on buildings, amazing graffiti, a stylish Melbournian wearing a waist-tied camel coat with elbow-length sleeves over a grey stripey top.

Mosque, Bodrum, Turkey
Tower of a mosque, Bodrum, Turkey

I think I might finally understand why people can become travellers permanently. Maybe it's about feeling constantly inspired. Addicted to newness.

Tiles from Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
Tiles from Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey