27 November 2009


Last weekend Lauch and I joined in a Permablitz - basically we volunteered with a bunch of other people to help turn someone's garden into a permaculture garden. Thats me at 2:07 in the slideshow planting tomatoes! The people who owned the garden put on an amazing vegetarian lunch for us and their Greek mum showed us how to make dolmades. It was pretty cool putting the seedlings in. The smell of tomato plants is amazing.

26 November 2009

Rain Like You Mean It

It's raining hard like the raindrops could pierce our corrugated iron roof. The bleached grey fence is now dark with water. Lightning just snapped as if it was above our house, specifically.

I only remember two thunder storms in the years I was in London. Still getting used to this place where most days pass in a hot fug and it rains like it really means it.

16 November 2009

Like a Billabong

The Yarra River, Wonga Park

Lauch and I went to see what was outside of Melbourne yesterday. Found this place called Wonga Park... all the names here seem a bit odd after nearly three years of "Shoe Lane" and "Paddington" and "Cambridge." We walked for an hour and a bit along the Yarra. People were canoeing and swimming and some were just floating along in black rubber inner tyres. There were parts where the river widened, corners where people's shouts echoed and you could hear the stillness of the trees and the splashing of the river. So, so Australian.

14 November 2009

It's Mango Season!

Mango Season
Mango Season Mango Smoothies

I thought when I left Thailand I'd never have mangoes that good again. But today we found mangoes, 3 for a fiver at the local farmer's market. Now all we need is some sticky rice.

11 November 2009

Tuesday's Graffiti

Graffiti, MelbourneGraffiti, Melbourne

7 November 2009

Friday Night

St Kilda, Melbourne

I took this photo at St Kilda on Friday night, as the sun was going down. Those houses look out at the beach toward the horizon.

I love where I live right now.

2 November 2009

Look Down

Melbourne From the 39th Floor

I was on the 39th floor today, looking down through floor-to-ceiling windows at floor-to-ceiling skyscrapers. I snuck this photo with my phone camera, eating a kool mint and filling out forms.