27 November 2009


Last weekend Lauch and I joined in a Permablitz - basically we volunteered with a bunch of other people to help turn someone's garden into a permaculture garden. Thats me at 2:07 in the slideshow planting tomatoes! The people who owned the garden put on an amazing vegetarian lunch for us and their Greek mum showed us how to make dolmades. It was pretty cool putting the seedlings in. The smell of tomato plants is amazing.


Han said...

sounds like a really great project to be a part of!! tomatoe plants do smell pretty good!

Lex said...

Yeah! It takes me back to when I was little, getting raspberries and carrots out of the garden in the back yard.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful productive time out there....you will be the ace gardeners when you get your own space. Nothing quite like getting stuck into it and then being able to eat the fruits (and vegetables) of your labours....we are enjoying our new vegie patch although we are currently sharing it with lots of lovely slugs and other crawlies.....Jill