26 November 2009

Rain Like You Mean It

It's raining hard like the raindrops could pierce our corrugated iron roof. The bleached grey fence is now dark with water. Lightning just snapped as if it was above our house, specifically.

I only remember two thunder storms in the years I was in London. Still getting used to this place where most days pass in a hot fug and it rains like it really means it.


Han said...

...not only is it doing great things for the plants but it helps clear my hayfever (for a little while anyways) and rain like that also makes me smile (a good, solid, hurt your face kinda smile).

Lex said...

Yep, it's great stuff :)

globalbabble said...


Your description of raindrops on corrugated iron roofs reminded me of Zambia, where I lived till the age of five. It rained everyday there, and I thought that the noise of raindrop on roofs was an everyday fact of life for every person on earth. Then we landed in dusty, dropless Indian heartland, and my illusions were crushed.

If you love rain, you must visit the equator at some point. It rains like nowhere else in the world there.