22 March 2009

Recording / Not Recording

I thought I wouldn't blog anymore.
I thought life would be better unrecorded, letting everything just slip past.

Life was good - but I still kept writing anyway. There are a couple of posts I've written over the last few months and kept unpublished. I figured I might as well put them here. With pictures. To show you. Because even when I make a phone call from halfway across the world, well, it isn't possible to say everything.


lokulin said...

Lex is back. Yay.

Toni said...

I know what you mean.

hugs xoxo

*zoodop was my word verification

Anonymous said...

Lex - I am so glad you are back and I have just discovered this...some two months after the event. Now I have some lovely winter reading to settle down to ....looking at your blog and pictures....better than a book any day....here I go then. Jill