5 December 2009


Old Pier, Brighton
Brighton, UK

Dear UK,

Four months after leaving your pebbly shores, I look back on you and remember sunny days, good people and amazing art. I miss the atmosphere of winter, where every inside space is warmly lit and cosy. Where Christmas with images of snowflakes really fits. I miss the Tate and all that great art and the member's room at the top with the view of St Paul's. I miss St Mary's, the comraderie of the other teachers there and my class of 30 hilarious five-year-olds.

UK, I know without question that you were tough. But somehow memory takes the edges off, and when the edges are worn enough that I only remember the good, it's time to move on.

Lauchlin took me out this morning for coffee and french toast. We imagined up some new dreams that are totally different.

It's time to move on. And it's time to finish writing here. Here's to new dreams.



Anonymous said...

ahh Lex lovely words I am dreaming of things grand for the first time in a long long time and its a good feeling!!! Wish u well and i must pop over the water to see u in the summer!!!!kw

Lex said...

Yes come visit! Can't wait to hear your grand dreams too. Lex